The captivating lights of La Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

In our last visit to Spain back in April, we were lucky enough to visit the Sagrada Familia even though we only had a few hours in Barcelona before we had to part for our final destination, Zaragoza.

It was just outstanding. I had seen multiple photos of the cathedral before and even saw it from the outside, but the interior is just breathtaking. It’s ceiling, its domes are magical. The light projected to every corner of the building through its stained-glass windows is captivating.

The cathedral was first designed by Antonio Gaudi and its construction started in 1882. Gaudi added art nouveau forms to this gothic structure, creating a unique design that impresses every visitor. Gaudi’s project was massive which is one of the reasons the cathedral is still in construction nowadays.

The cathedral has 3 facades: The Glory facade (1st picture below) will be the largest facade and main entrance to the building, it will depict the way to God, representing the death and final judgment of Jesus before ascending to the heavens. The Passion facade (2nd picture below)resembles sharp bone structures, representing the moment of Jesus’s crucifixion. The Nativity facade (3rd & 4th picture below) has natural elements representing life and the birth of Jesus.

The interior. its columns, ceilings and lights are just as impressive:

2026 is the stimated year when the cathedral will be totally finished. Do not wait, visit it while you can, it’s outstanding while in construction also.

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