Visiting my city – Zaragoza, Spain.

I left Spain over 5 years ago. I moved to California for work and stayed for love.

But I will always appreciate my culture and my home city’s beauty:

Zaragoza 1

Its ancient history vs. its upcoming future development.

Zaragoza 3

Its art, ancient and modern.

Zaragoza 4

Its education, innovation, progress, …

Zaragoza 5

Its streets, people, culture, old town spirit.

Zaragoza 2

It’s magnificent architecture, Roman, Gothic, Mudejar…

Zaragoza 0

The beauty of my city is beyond doubt.

Can’t wait to visit it in April after 5 years of absence.

All pictures by @jessi.rop who appreciates her home town as much as a do, expressing it through photography.

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Be wise!

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