Art lover? These are just a few of the most famous art pieces you’ll find at El Prado Museum.

When it comes to travel, I love to see architecture, antique architecture to be exact, and art!

I love visiting museums where I can learn the history and culture of a new place through art. Today I want to recommend a visit to El Prado Museum located in Madrid, Spain.

The building itself is gorgeous, standing since 1785 when it was designed to hold the art acquired by the monarchy although it wasn’t until 1819 that it opened its doors to the public.

It has grown significantly since that day. The bigger the collection acquired, the more building expansions it required. Today it holds an extensive amount of art pieces, like these:

  • Piece: Durer Self-portrait
  • Artist: Albrecht Durer
  • Date: 1498
  • Period: Northern Renaissance

  • Piece: The Garden of Earthly Delights
  • Artist: Hieronymus Bosch
  • Estimated date: 1503 – 1515
  • Period: Northern Renaissance

*You will also find The Seven Deathly Sins by Bosch at the Prado Museum.

  • Piece: The three graces.
  • Artist: Peter Paul Rubens
  • Estimated date: 1630 – 1635
  • Period: Baroque

  • Piece: Las meninas
  • Artist: Diego Velázquez
  • Date: 1656
  • Period: Baroque

  • Piece: La maja desnuda
  • Artist: Francisco de Goya
  • Estimated date: 1797 – 1800
  • Period: Romanticism

  • Piece: Saturn Devouring His Son
  • Artist: Francisco Goya
  • Estimated date: 1819-1823
  • Period: Romanticism
 A must visit! Don’t you think? – and just for 15 Euros!

If you enjoy art, check out:

  • The naval museum in Spain – Here.
  • The animated museum in SF – Here.

Be wise!

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