Immersed in Ubud, Bali! – Collab with One Happy Journey.

When I first started planning my trip to Bali I knew that Ubud was going to be on top of my list. As a hippie, yoga-loving vegan I have long heard of the rumours that Ubud was the land of the gods for anyone with an interest in the yogi life so I couldn’t wait to finally check out this amazing town.

Ubud is unlike anywhere else in Bali, more true to the Balinese culture, richer in colour, deeper in the connections formed with locals and in my opinion the realest part of Bali.


Since being put on the map after the movie Eat Pray Love where Julia Roberts travels to Ubud in search of herself, the tourism has absolutely boomed in this part of Bali. Although increasingly popular you can still find beautiful landscapes, 5-star dining restaurants and an array of accommodation through the region without being interrupted by the mass tourism.

Some of the more popular things to do when in Ubud which I totally recommend checking out are

  • A day trip to Tegalalang Rice Terraces. There are so many rice terraces around Ubud but Tegalalang is by far the most wow-worthy, you won’t regret it.
  • Climb Mt Batur. Fancy a 5am morning Hike? Only 2 hours away from Ubud you can hike up Mt Batur and catch some awesome scenery as the sun rises above the clouds.
  • Exploring the Monkey Forrest (although be wary these monkeys love to snatch anything that’s hanging off you, so I recommend you don’t take a bag or any food into the park)
  • Go chasing Waterfalls. The waterfall closest to Ubud is Tegenungan. It is ok if you are short on time, a bit overpriced and overcrowded in my opinion plus there was no swimming allowed. My recommendation to you is: hire a driver for the day and let them take you to the REAL waterfalls. Located approx 2 hours north of Ubud is Sekumpul Waterfall (seriously google this place now). I promise you will not regret paying a bit extra and travelling longer, it felt like we were in actual paradise, by far the most stunning waterfalls I have ever come across.
  • Take a yoga class at world famous Yoga Barn. Or better yet, do a yoga retreat. There are literally dozens of retreats around Ubud that will leave you feeling refreshed and like a brand new person to continue on with your travels.
  • Eat vegan! Basically anywhere you go in Ubud there will be delicious vegan options on the menu. Even if you are a meat eater this is something anyone should try whilst in Ubud. The textures, flavours, smells! Some of the best vegan meals across the world can be found here.
  • Whilst on the topic of food, DRINK COCONUTS! These guys are everywhere and if you make a trip to Bali without sipping on at least 1 coconut then you’ve gone wrong somewhere.
  • Learn to cook! If you ever wanted to try out a cooking class – Ubud is the place to do it. From fine dining, casual, finger food, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dessert etc – there will be a class for any type of cooking you are into.
  • Temples are everywhere! All around the city you can see amazing temple-like structures. The Balinese take their temples very seriously. If you want to immerse yourself in, even more, do a temple day trip where you visit some of the more popular temples in Ubud and its surrounds. Each temple is so unique in its own way and the day flies past as you learn more about the culture of this wonderful country.
  • Staying in a guesthouse. Ubud is known for guest homes and a great way to get to learn more about the people and the culture is to stay at their home! Check out AirB&B for some amazing homes.
  • Pamper time!!! Needless to say, if there is one thing you do when in Ubud make sure it is to go to a Day Spa. They are located all over the area and are some of the highest quality massages I have had anywhere else in the world, for a fair price too! So treat yourself to feeling like a princess/prince for a day and go check out the Spa!

There is honestly so much you can do in Ubud that even if you stayed there for 3 months you wouldn’t get a chance at doing it all. There are also great day trips you can take to explore the rest of Bali with lots of sightseeing to be done in areas further west and north. As it is a central location, it’s a great base to stay in if you wish to discover more of the island.

So what are you waiting for? Book that flight right now. Get yourself to Ubud ASAP.

A warm thank you to Patricia from One Happy Journey.  who kindly wrote this wise words, useful tips, and recommendations. Don’t forget to check out her blog!

Truly a pleasure to read!

Be wise!


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