Skydiving in Northern California

Not going to lie, I was scared, but it was the most exciting experience of my life.

It was back in August of 2015, some friends and I decided to drive up to northern California on a pretty hot summer day.

There, we found the Skydiving center where everyone welcomed us making jokes about how dangerous it was for us to drive up there. They were trying to show us that what it was about to happen was 100% safe and there was nothing to worry about.

We each got assigned to the tandem professional who jumped with us and also the videographer who filmed the whole experience. 15/20 minutes later, we were getting ready to embark the little plane that would take us to the desired altitude for the jump.

At this point, the excitement totally kicks in and you don’t feel scared anymore. When you are on the plane you just feel anxious for it to reach the desired altitude quickly so you can finally jump!

And then it happens! You jump and then you just can scream and fell a rush of excitement that invades your whole body. It was truly the best feeling. It feels like you are alone, flying. You forget about the instructor on your back, about the parachute, the plane… It’s only you, flying.

I really recommend it, even if you are scared. Remember fear’s only purpose is to stop you from enjoying life. Don’t allow this to happen.


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Be Wise!!


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