The first Starbucks in Seattle

Starbucks has definitely become a great corporation internationally and many would say it has lost its authenticity, its passion for coffee, its local cafe-store vibe.

Well, I would greatly recommend a visit to the “first” ever opened Starbucks store(it was actually first located in Western Street but relocated to Pike Place Market 5 years later). It is located in Seattle, on the heart of the Pike Place Market and it was opened a little under 50 years ago. This is a special place, a tiny store constructed with wood materials, decorated with recycled leather details collected from local shoe & automobile stores and using its logo depicting the original Medusa, giving it a retro vibe taking you to another era.

This little store opened with the only intention of selling roasted coffee beans (this is why the store has no seating area) and now it is the biggest coffee brand in the world.

The lines can be extremely long but they move pretty fast, and if you go early in the morning you’ll find no lines and will be able to appreciate the beauty of the store. Worth a visit!

**Cover picture from here.

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Be wise!!

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  1. When Starbucks first came to Australia it was a big novelty, but since then I think a lot of them have closed down


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