Every corner of Tenerife, Spain (Collab with @Jacin1961)

” The Canary Islands are always a great choice.

We had visited Tenerife (the island that is formed from the Teide volcano) about thirty years ago and I knew I had to come back some day. We went with some of our friends, who had visited Las Palmas(Canary islands’ capital) not long ago, and they also wanted to visit this island.

We stayed at the Royal Tenerife Country Club in San Miguel de Abona. We planned the trip ourselves, no guides or packages. We rented a car so we could explore on our own since it’s really easy to wander around Tenerife. Tenerife ambiance is very chill and familiar. We were lucky enough to avoid the high season. We visited at the end of May so it was not crowded with tourist and we could enjoy Tenerife like the locals.

I highly recommend to explore as much of the island as you can. If possible, go around the whole island, you will find gorgeous landscapes. Hike as much as you can. Especially from the top of the Teidevolcano, the view of the island and the sea is breathtaking on clear-sky days.

The food on the island was also amazing. One of our favorite restaurants was Oasis in Adeje town, where we had an impressive Mojo Chicken. Also, I would recommend a visit to a pretty little naval tavern called Agua y Sal in San Miguel de Tajao, with multiple seafood and fish dishes, inspired by a combination of Spanish and Italian cuisine, and it’s very affordable compared to the peninsula. We had some fish skewers and saucy rice dishes that were delicious!

My favorite sights… Nothing captivates me the way the magic of the Teide volcano does. My favorite beach on the island is Los Cristianos. Also, the little town Candelaria has a very pretty Basilique at the border of the sea.

For me, visiting this island is a must. My advice for future visitors would be not to miss a spot. It’s a small island and you should try to see the jewels hidden in every town, every beach and every corner. ” – @Jacin1961

Special thanks to Jacinto Jimenez from @Jacin1961 for writing this chronicle about this unique Spanish island.

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See you soon. Be wise!

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