Showing some #LocalLove to Beloved Cafe in San Francisco.

I’d like to start a new section on my blog to show love to awesome local stores and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I believe it is our obligation to praise local businesses and appreciate the dedicated and one-to-one service they provide. Most of these stores and businesses care for their community, they listen to close feedback and try to provide what the locals want or need, they gain from the locals and give back to the community participating in local fundraising events and other activities. Much of this never gets advertised as it does when big companies like Walmart or Zara donate to charities…

Today, we are sharing some love to Beloved Cafe. It is located at the corner of 24th and Mission Street, in the popular Latin neighborhood in San Francisco.


Apart from being a GORGEOUS little cafe, taking you to a relaxed state right after you set foot in it, making you forget the busy Mission streets around you, the variety of natural drinks and dishes are beyond tasty. My favorites are the spiced hot chocolate and the vegan brownie-cake, apart from the fact that they have the most amazing tea blends.

The best part about this place is what it does for its community and others far away.

Beloved Cafe contributes part of its profits to prevent poverty, fight malaria and ensure wildlife conservation. On this graphic there are some of the organizations they collaborate with:

By now, I hope you add this spot to your ‘must-try’ list.

You will really love it. Guaranteed.

The Wise Explorer.

Please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any question, idea or recommendation.

Be Wise!

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