Where will 2018 take The Wise Explorer?

It’s the first post of a new year, so I’d like to share the planned trips for 2018.

The last months of 2017 brought some changes in my life which made me post less on the blog and that is something I want to change. I am aware I can’t post every day but my goal is to write at least twice a week, so we’ll see how that new year resolution turns out.

I’m so excited for my trip to visit home. We are visiting Spain in April, after over 5 years in the States. My home city, located in northern Spain,  is called Zaragoza, named after Cesar Augustus, adoptive son of Julius Cesar, who developed the area as a connecting point between regions due to its strategic location. Zaragoza has a rich history and many roman, baroque, gothic and Moorish architecture.

Basilique of Pilar Plaza. Photo by Jessica Robres.

In the summer we want to spend 3 or 4 days in New Orleans, Louisiana. This has been a dream for me for the longest; the history, the music, the FOOD! I really can’t wait.

Later on, in October we’ll spend a week in Miami, Florida and will be visiting the Florida Keys, the coral archipelago between the Atlantic and the Caribbean seas.


Picture by Florida_Keyslife.


From that trip, the next trip will be Haiti (may include an express visit to Cuba), the motherland of my husband, who is eager to explore every corner and soak of its culture and history. Haiti is an island many people don’t know the beauty of. We’ll make sure we show everybody after our trip.

Stay tuned for future trips and always Be wise!

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  1. I look forward to your travel. I just wrote my first post about New Orleans, which is endlessly fascinating, although tough to summarize in single article: extremely rich and varied. Thank you for following Under Western Skies.


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