Trip to Kyoto. Day 3 of 3.

When the third (and the last) day in Kyoto arrived, we were pretty tired of the rain already. When it stopped raining around 11am, we felt the luckiest and proceed to do the most of our last day in our favorite Japanese city.

In the morning we went to northern Kyoto, in the Ryoan-ji temple area, to visit the Ninen-zaka preserved neighborhood. Within these narrow stone-paved alleys, we participated and witnessed an original tea ceremony at Camellia. A reservation is required to attend a group session for around 20$ per adult. During the session, you will learn about the history of the ceremony, will witness the precise steps to follow to prepare the purest matcha tea, and also will get to make your own tea and try it.



After the tea ceremony, we had lunch at Omen Kodi-ji Restaurant, in the Ninen-zaka area, where we had an amazing duck and mushroom noodle dish and many more.

(Picture by: @mauroof)


Our visit to Fushimi Inari Shrine was simply breathtaking (and not only because we were out of shape and there were way too many stairs to climb). The shrine counts with no less than 10,000 torii gates, which are believed to represent the journey to the sacred, leaving behind the profane. It is quite a hike, a long circular hike with many stairs, which may not be for everybody but, you can do as much as you want to and turn back around when you are ready. Watch out for the slippery pavement(especially when hiking down) when raining or wet. Definitely, this visit is a must.


We then proceed to visit the ‘Geisha’ district or Gion district, especially around the Pontocho Alley. This area is filled with many local restaurants, bars, and businesses in narrow and picturesque streets. We really enjoyed the vibe we got and the places we visited. (listed below):


For dinner, we had an amazing Ohmi beef from the Kobe region at Yakiniku Teppai restaurant.

Nightlife recommendations in the Pontocho area:

Zaza Bar, a popular bar that offers cheap drinks and hookah pipes.

Butterfly, a chill Hip-Hop lounge/club with a 10$ cover.

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