Trip to Kyoto. Day 2 of 3.

Hello explorers!

On our second day in Kyoto we started by visiting the Manga Museum (around 8$), one of the biggest collections of Manga in the world. For me it didn’t really have a Museum vibe, it was more of a Manga specialized library. It did have special events, visits of artists, special collections… Worth a visit if you are a fan of the genre.


After our visit, we walked to Nishiki Market, a gigantic 5 blocks long, shopping area with numerous stores and most importantly, food stands. We really enjoyed the seafood, from grilled octopus to fresh sashimi, from spice stores to matcha bakeries… It also counts with many local made stores selling kimono, silk scarves, wood figurines, chopsticks and geisha fans. Don’t miss it!


After this visit and even though we snacked a lot in the market, we actually proceeded to have dinner and hang out at a couple of bars afterward.



We had dinner at a popular sushi place around the Kyoto Station area.

It was called Tomisen Restaurant and it had a wide variety of sashimi and sushi dishes.

Give it a try!



Right after, we walked about a block and ended up in Tobariya Bar, a nice little spot where we could hang out practically on our own.

After ordering our drinks they gave us a little appetizer on the house.

World Club

Following the recommendations of the bartender, we came back to the Gion Area/Pontocho Alley to check out the party scene of Kyoto.

We tried World Club (10$ cover with drink ticket). It was pretty decent, although it seemed pretty popular between tourists, instead of locals, the vibe and the music were great.

*Downside of  Japan’s nightlife: they allow smoking in clubs and bars so it can get pretty annoying if you are not used to it.

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Be wise!

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