A visit to Udaipur, India & Ranthambore NP (Collaboration with @travelkeede)

Welcome to the community!

Tell us about yourself, about where you come from and about how and when did your passion for traveling start?

We are Sakshi and Deejay from India. Our online alias is Travel Keede which literally translates to Travel Bugs. While we were born and brought up in India, currently we are living and working in Singapore. Recently, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by treating ourselves to a vacation in New Zealand, South Island.

We started traveling a lot more when we started working and making our own money. During our time in India, we traveled within the country. India is huge and diverse and there is a lot to do and see there. Since the last few years, we have traveled to several destinations in southeast Asia due to the location advantage and connectivity from Singapore.

The more we traveled, the more we wanted to travel. We can now say that we are addicted and travel is something we cannot imagine our lives without.

Today you are going to share your recent trip to India(Cities?). How did you decide on this location?

Today we’ll share about one incredible town in India and another amazing wildlife destination. The town goes by the name of Udaipur aka the city of lakes. The wildlife destination goes by the names of Ranthambore National Park known for Asian tigers. Both places are in the state of Rajasthan in India.


Tell us a little about your trip.

Udaipur and Ranthambore were two stopovers as part of our road trip from Mumbai to Agra, a stretch of approx. 1,400km. We had been to Udaipur as kids many years ago but on this trip in Dec 2015, we rediscovered Udaipur and fell in love with it. The lakes, the narrow lanes in the old town, the arts and crafts stores, the city palace and the rooftop dinner and drinks in the cool month of December was very special. Two of our close friends also joined us on this adventure.

Ranthambore was a destination we had always wanted to go to for the jungle open jeep safaris. We did three jeep safaris and spotted tigers on one of them and that was really lucky.

How did you travel to the location? Where did you stay? Is there/how is the transportation there? Did you use an agency, a guide or you did it all yourself?

We stayed in budget locations at both destinations. However, both locations have to stay options to suit every pocket. If you are a luxury traveler, one great option is the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur.

We booked everything ourselves except the tiger safaris which we booked through an agent we found online via google search.


Could you explore on your own? How was the language barrier? Is it common for lodging and transportation staff to speak other languages?

For foreigners, we would suggest going through a reliable travel agency/agent for convenience at Ranthambore and request for an English speaking guide. In Udaipur, it should be absolutely okay to explore on your own. Staff should be able to speak passable English and English speaking guides are available on request at tourist attractions such as the City Palace in Udaipur.

Was the trip mostly sightseeing, or you enjoyed activities and shows as well?

Udaipur was mostly sightseeing. A boat ride on Lake Pichola, a tour of the very beautiful City Palace and wandering through the market around the palace filled with colorful souvenirs. There are other historical sites as well which we did not visit on this particular trip. A cultural dance and puppet show is highly recommended at Bagore ki Haveli.

Ranthambore, of course, was all about the open jeep safari.
What surprised you there in a good way? Any strange/unpleasant experience?
Revisiting Udaipur after all these years made us realize how beautiful the town is and how rich India is in terms of history, heritage and culture. It made us take a step back and appreciate India much more.
We wished we had more time to spend there.

What did you learn from the culture and/or the locals?

Proud of their roots and humility.

Did you enjoy the cuisine there? Which were your favorite dishes?

We love Indian food! Then again there is so much variety when it comes to food as well. If you are in Rajasthan, we would urge you to try the Rajasthani thali. A thali is a full meal with an assortment of curries and bread served in it.

Any tips for future visitors? Anything you would have love to know/ be prepared for before arriving?

We later realized we could have booked the safaris online. The wildlife reserve is divided into 6 zones and the best tiger spotting happens in zones 1-4, zone 2 being the most popular. To get a booking in these zones, applications must be made 3-4 months in advance.


Do you have a bucket list? What are some things/places on it?

Yes! We do have a bucket list. Here is the link.

Was is your next adventure? Anything planned yet?

Still deciding the next holiday destination. Tentatively it’s South Africa later this year.

How can we see more about you and your trips? what is your website or/and social media?

Travel Keede is on WordPress, facebook, Instagram and youtube. We would love to connect with you all!

Thank you so much for the collaboration! 

Hope you liked this post. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate in commenting below or contact me.  If you want to collaborate in the blog, with your experiences or your trip’s photos, get in touch!

Be wise!

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