A little about Post Travel Depression

Sharing a very interesting post from Travel Plans for Miss FancyPants. Check the link below!

Be wise!

My posts usually are quite hilarious. This time we’re leaving all the joking aside. I want to talk to you guys about something serious. The reason I haven’t been posting anything on my blog. The reason why I’ve been less motivated than ever in my life. Here we go. Post Travel Depression as a topic is […]

via Post Travel Depression is a Real Thing – What it feels like and how to survive it — TRAVEL PLANS FOR MISS FANCYPANTS

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  1. It most definitely is a real thing. I went through the same same thing after m 2 week holiday visiting family in South Africa. I missed my family and the sunshine 😦

    If you have time, check out my latest post at https://wordpress.com/stats/day/tootinghustle.wordpress.com?startDate=2017-05-09 and let me know what you think!

    Happy blogging x

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  2. Don Henson says:

    I went through the same thing. After a round-the-world backpack trip in 96-97, I just couldn’t seem to find a path back at home. So in 99 I moved abroad, stayed away til 2010! Tried again back at home for a couple years, but was completely spoiled by that time with how good it was abroad – love America, but work/life balance is non-existent there. Maybe I’ll return when I retire?

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