Best “Ice cream” in the world? (ROME)

Good evening! Let’s talk about Gelato. Ever wonder how ice cream from a specific region could be better than any other ice cream? Well, that is because Gelato is NOT ice cream. There are no many differences, not really, but they’re not the same. Gelato has less fat content than ice cream, more milk instead of cream, and few or no egg at all. The ‘cooking’ process is slower, stirring it gently instead of shaking it, avoiding air in the mixture. The result is a much creamier, silkier and richer in flavor delicacy.

Having said that, let’s check my list of the places where to find the best gelato in Rome:

come il latte by hannahsohmer
Photo: @hannahshomer

Comme Il Latte

The name of the gelateria translates to ‘like milk’ which shows how devoted to quality this place is. The guaranty the best quality milk and fresh creams, making their gelato very creamy and thick.

They also offer non-dairy options.

crispino by julicapuleto
Photo: @julicapuleto

Il Gelato di San Crispino

They are focused on their traditional recipes, which they execute perfectly. They don’t offer cones, just cups, because they think cones affect the flavor of the gelato.

For me, they are a bit overpriced, especially for the amount of gelato you get.

fonte della salute by pippigrillo
Photo: @pippigrillo

Fonte della Salute

This place is a great option for vegans and those with lactose and gluten intolerance.

They are organic, use no additives or colorants and have a lot of options to offer, also frozen yogurt.

Try their Coconut flavor!

fatamorgana by lara.shemyakina
Photo: @lara.shemyakina


This gelateria is very innovative, in flavors and techniques as well. It is organic and gluten free. And it’s one of my favorites for its rich flavors.

Try their Pistacchio gelato!

i caruso by kangsujiin
Photo: @kangsujiin

Gelateria Il Caruso

A great place to find freshly made ice cream and slushies (granita), always from fresh products, dairy, and fruits.

Try any of their wine gelatos!

teatro by soha_eats
Photo: @soha_eats

Gelateria del Teatro

This spot is very creamy, focused on traditional flavors, fruity and nutty flavors. Although, they are subtle with the intensity of the flavor, so it’s not very rich.

Try their pistachio and fig combination!

gracchi by ladolceveganfoodtours
Photo: @ladolceveganfoodtours

Gelateria Gracchi

This place counts with a wide variety of flavors, from refreshing fruity flavors to deep chocolate and intense coffee.

I really loved their Pistachio and Caramel combination!

ciampini by u.mi.saki
Photo: @u.mi.saki

Gelateria Ciampini

This particular store offers organic, real and fresh flavors. It’s pretty traditional and known for its deep creamy flavors of chocolate.

Try their Espresso gelato!

Photo: @t.pasiuta

Gelateria La Romana

One of my favorites. Very rich organic gelato and zero-waste packaging policy.

Try their Mascarpone flavor!


Fassi Gelateria

Here is my favorite!  so rich, great flavors, multiple options, also offering other kinds of gelato based desserts.

Very inexpensive for their quality.

There are many other great gelaterias in Rome but I had to make a selection. There are some well-known gelaterias I left off the chart because either I haven’t tried or they weren’t recommended to me because of the amount of tourist that visit them.

Let me know which you think they should have made it to the list, and which one you’d take from it.

Hope you liked this post. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate in commenting below or contact me.  If you want to collaborate in the blog, with your experiences or your trip’s photos, get in touch!

Be wise!

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