Today, we’ll go over the history and what it’s left of it in the Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, once the heart oh the hippie movement. This neighborhood got his fame for The Summer of Love. The time during the summer of 1967 where over 100.000 young people, mostly college students on their summer break who were against government actions such as the Vietnam war, got together around the Haight street, near the entrance of Golden Gate Park, with the intersection of Haight and Ashbury street as the center. Since then, the Haight stands as a neighborhood with its own vibe, representing flower-flower, the hippie era with local music, drugs and psychedelia. Represents an era of exploration, expression, ahead of their time.


The Panhandle. This is the entrance to the Golden Gate Park, from the North side of Haight Street. Numerous Homeless camps. Former place where hippies just gather and hang out.

Buena Vista Park. Formerly called Hill Park, with outstanding views of the city from its peak.

Rainbow Mural made during the summer of ‘67 by Yang Zegn.

The intersection of Haight street with Ashbury Street. Which was the center of the Summer of Love. Bringing together performers, artists, protesters, stores, bars, psychedelic book stores, head shops…

  • FAMOUS HOMES and more

The Haight Ashbury free medical clinic opened in 1967 to assist everyone during the Summer of Love.

112 Lyon Street was the residence of Janis Joplin, very participatory during the summer of 1967.

710 Ashbury Street is where the band Grateful Dead lived during the Summer of Love until October when police arrested them for weed possession.

1524A was the residence of Jimi Hendrix. It has a mural on the side of the building representing the artist.

636 Cole Street was the home rented by Charles Manson and his ‘family’, where he recruited more members and left in a bus to South California, where the famous murders took place.



While visiting the Haight, shopping or at least window shopping is a must. Especially for used clothes, books and music records.

Thrift Stores: Piedmont Boutique (emblematic icon of the neighborhood, with those legs on the face of the building) and Wasteland.

Book Stores: The Booksmith, a huge selection of books from the hippie era to modern times. Very active, it hosts readings with popular authors.

Record Stores: Recycled Records and Amoeba Music (the world’s largest record store)


The most popular cafes are Vesuvio Cafe and The Blue Unicorn.

You should try the Alibaba’s Cave restaurant.

And maybe hang out and have a beer at Mad Dog in the Fog, very popular, especially during a football or soccer game.

  • STAY

The Red Victorian. This eclectic themed Bed and Breakfast is a great option to stay in while visiting the area. ‘Peaceful Conversation” hosted by Sami Sunchild on Sundays morning.

For a more affordable option, The Herb’s Inn also offer a psychedelic theme and it hosts a Haight History Museum.


If you are visiting in June, you can enjoy The Haight Street Fair with local bands, food stalls and thrift shop stands.
If you want to join a tour that is truly an experience itself, go to to book your seat in this flower-power bus tour, with costumes video experience and the most authentic guides.



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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco simply to visit this area. It represents a huge movement that is still somewhat going on today, and has tried to stay true to it’s roots.

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