Today, I am sharing my trip to Jamaica, one of the best of the trips I have taken. For me, the most important thing about a trip is how deep and authentic the experience is, it’s not about the sightseeing or how pretty the city and its museums are, but the overall experience.
This time, I traveled to Jamaica in late September, which means is was the rainy season, flights were not that expensive and it didnt rain that much, which left a lot of time to enjoy our time there.

        We flew into Montego Bay, which we choose because of the flight rates, although we were going to stay in Port Antonio, much closer to the other airport, in Kingston. We rented a car and drove to Port Antonio, on the left side of the rode and for over 3 hours. the ride was beautiful, we drove during the sunset and we were hearing the intense sound of the crickets and birds. The view from the airplane window was so beautiful, we could clearly see other Caribbean islands and the change of color in the water around them. The weather was nice, although it was particularly humid due to being the middle of the rainy season. the temperature was not too high but I felt like I was always sticky.
We were staying at some relatives place, we didn’t go to any of the touristy cities. We stayed in Port Antonio, a small town, very authentic, not used to tourism. This made the whole experience more authentic, since we went to stores, clubs, bars and restaurants where we could only find the locals, there were no tourism business, no souvenir stores, no Americanized restaurants… The town was very modest and the roads were not always paved. Some buildings didn’t look very stable and in fact, a lot of ‘mansions’ along the water were abandoned, possibly due to the fact that they were falling apart. The house where we stayed was a beautiful town house with a common garden with multiple trees and plants for harvesting. there, I was fed a round fruit which name I don’t remember, it was green, round and inside it had like a seed surrounded by a jelly lice substance. I am not sure if I was weak from the flight or what happened, but I got sick immediately. not even a minute after. but that was the only time in the whole trip, so not bad at all.

        One of my favorite excursion we did was to The Blue lagoon, there, we were welcome and guided through the history of the area/town by the man photographed above, very kind and funny. After, we enjoys an hour long boat ride around the blue lagoon. The lagoon has depth at the beginning of the route, with water looking pretty dark and green-ish, and then it becomes crystal clear along the coasts. the ride was pretty much in silence, but the views were breathtaking so no conversation from the guide needed. there was a small stop at a tiny beach and then back we went. It was very nice.
The next day we just walked around the town, had some ice-cream and had a barbecue in the house garden with the family and neighbors. very warm and welcoming. I had no clue of what they were talking about most of the time, since they speak Patwa and my English was not very good at the time either… But it was fun.
Later that night we went to a karaoke party, a small club where people dance to what others are singing, it was great to see how the locals have fun.

          The first time we attempted to spend some time on the Frenchman’s Cove beach started to rain right after we arrived so we left. We spent the rest of the afternoon chewing on sugar canes and sipping Ting soda. That day was the last time we saw rain, but that meant that mosquitoes were back, so we started using mosquito nets around our beds, that’s something I had never done before.
When we finally get to the Frenchman’s Cove beach, we had to pay, in Jamaica there is plenty of private beached, owned by the resort/complex around it, and this was one of them. It’s not pricey though, we were just surprised. This place was great, it consist in two diferent waters and temperatures since it is the point where a river flows into the ocean. The river side is pretty cold and it has many tiny fishes in it. there is a lot of trees around it and a swing which was great to play with. The ocean side was warm (but cooler then other beaches in Jamaica) and crystal clear. At some point a diver appeared with some fishes and a small octopus that he had caught. we got a close looked at it and he was very kind to explain us where and how he caught them. The whole experience was awesome, and the people that run the beach also has a small food stand and bar on site.

Definitely, my favorite spot was Boston Beach. This is a place where they cook jerk chicken the traditional way, as you can check on the photos above, and it’s a popular stop among the locals. I can;t deal with spicy food very well so, I had a hard time after I bit into that chicken. It was pretty funny for my friends/family and the locals at the stand, who gave me water very kindly to alleviate the spice. The actual beach is stunning and the people running the food stand and the beach are really nice, they showed us around the beach, hiking up the big rocks and arriving to the cliff, no jumping though from there. It is a place suitable for eco-travel, they offered a wide number of huts, located at the beach, where visitors can stay overnight , in a much respectful way that a resort would offer, causing no environmental impact. the place was stunning, as you can see on the pictures (pictures taken with a crappy iphone 4, and still are gorgeous).

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