Today, this post is going to talk about eating out of our comfort zone.
Sometimes traveling can be adventurous, with new activities, sights and foods to try, but these foods can also cause us to feel sick, sometimes slightly sick and other giving us actual food-poisoning. On this blog’s next post I’ll be giving some tricks and advice to avoid getting food poisoning and dealing with it in the case we can’t avoid it.
But today, we’ll be just enjoying our time and learning a little bit more about a really important destination: Egypt.
Egypt is really important to me since my trip to Egypt was the first trip I really did outside of my comfort zone.
Egypt is way more that the sightseeing, which is pretty amazing already. As everyone knows, Egypt is very rich in folklore, tradition and touristic attractions, as huge as the pyramids. But today we’ll dig deeper, into its foods.
From my experience, when I visited Egypt back in 2006, the food they prepared for guests at the cruise ship at the Nile and later at the hotel in Cairo was a mix between local and international accepted foods. much more bland, non spicy food that what locals eat. so to get a real representation of what real Egyptian food is, you should follow the locals, try to eat what the locals are lining for.

A great place to experience this is the El Cairo Bazaar: Khan Al-Khalili. one of the oldest street markets of the world. little local stores selling from spices, to jewelry, from metal souvenirs to colorful fabrics. all these surrounded by local cafes, restaurants, street food stands and event folklore dance halls.

FUUL - Edited
It is a dish based of cooked fava beans(often a paste) flavored with onion an several spices.
often served with pita bread.

It is a dough that can be used as a pancake with just sprinkled sugar on, or topped with sweet fillings. but it is more popular to be used as a base for minced meat, like a pizza.

A mix of mixed meat, onions, peppers and spices is put between two layers of dough. Forming a patty or pie.

It is one of the most popular dishes in Egypt. for it’s non expensive ingredients and intense flavor. It had pasta, macaroni or spaghetti, rice, lentils, chick-peas, and it’s topped with a spicy tomato sauce.

Egyptian falafel made from beans.
Usually taken for breakfast but served at all times at the popular markets and restaurants.

Kofta Kebabs:
Kofta is a very popular dish in Egypt, minced meat of lamb or goat forming meatballs.
But at the street food markets, you’ll find Kofta in form of kebabs on a stick, easier to carry and eat around the market.

Hamam Mahshi:
This popular dish presents a whole pigeon stuffed with the meat of the bird’s liver, onion, spices and rice. Often, it’s also stuffed with wheat.
All these, when eating at a sit-down location tend to be paired with several side dishes like boiled eggs, local olives, pickled veggies(torshi), mallow leaf soap(mulukhiyah) and/or a popular citric rice pudding called Raita.
Also, I recommend to relax during the evening at the famous cafe El Fishawy, and have a good conversation smoking(vaping) from a sheesha and drinking the Egyptian dark tea served with sugar and mint leaves.
Hope you liked this post,
if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate in commenting below or contact me.
Be wise!
This post’s awesome image was taken by the Instagram user: @ac_hellstrom  Go check out her page!

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