Good morning! Today we will focusing of those who are traveling to a destination that they had already explore. There is always more to learn and explore in a city than just the touristic spots.Today we’ll use the example of London, a highly visited city not only for leisure but also for business purposes, so a lot of people may identify with the need of finding new interesting spots in an already explored city.
If you have already visited the main attractions of London or if you have extra days on your trip to explore less known/less crowded places, I suggest to check out this suggestions I offer you today:


Underneath the streets of London, you could find interesting sights like the MAIL RAIL, used as the London post office system from 1928 until as far as 2003. you can visit it for free under the Caring Cross Station.
And right next to it, for 17£ you could visit the CHURCHILL WAR ROOMS, where government figures planned the war against Germany.
Farther to this sight, next to the train station Bank, you could visit a ROMAN AMPHITHEATER, for free, inside and below the Ghildhall Art Gallery.

If you love art but have already visited the Victoria & Albert Museum,  British Museum, Tate Britain and all the famous museums in London. Good news! there were way more art collections in the city.
– Right on the edge of Green Park, you could find the SPENCER HOUSE(the photo of this post), with for 12£ and by appointment only, you could visit and appreciate the extensive art collection inside that beautiful building.
-You could visit CHARLES DICKENS HOUSE MUSEUM, for 9£ close to the Russell Square station. a great collection of novel material from the writer.
– LEIGHTON HOUSE MUSEUM, for 12£ near Knigh st. kensington station. opened from 1929, it was the house of the painter Frederic Lord Leighton.
-DENNIS SEVER’S HOUSE MUSEUM, for 10-15£ near the Shoreditch high street station. An historical imagination of what life would have on past centuries.
-JOHN SOANE’S HOUSE MUSEUM, for free near the Holborn station. The house has numerous models and projects from the architect Soane, as well as his personal collection of art from different countries.
-NUMBER 18 ON STAFFORD TERRACE. for 7£ near High st. Kensington station. Home of Edward Sambourne, an illustratior of the late 19th century.
-Sigmund FREUD MUSEUM. for 8£ near Finchley Road station. The place that was the home for Sigmund Freud for the last year of his life, and where he died. it contains Freud’s personal library, art collection and furniture from his previous home in Vienna, like the couch where his patients talked to him for relieve.

-LOCK & COs. Claims to be the oldest hat shop in the world (1850). it’s located near the Green Park station and its hat prices range between 250-399£.
-POLLOCK’S TOY MUSEUM. for 5£ near Godge street station. The store where Benjamin painted toy theaters used to be sold turned into a museum on his honor.
-CLINK PRISON MUSEUM. for 7£ near London bridge station. It was the oldest Prison in the United Kingdom, from 1144.
-BLACK MUSEUM. around 10£ near St James Park station. It is a crime museum, it has a collection of crime memorabilia in wheat it used to be the Metropolitan Police Service of London office.
-CINEMA MUSEUM. located at the former Lambeth Workhouse (former home of Charles Chaptin) it counts with a collection of Cinema hostility memorabilia, from movie posters to original film canisters. visit it for 10£ near Elephant & Castle station.

-ROOF GARDENS. At the top of the former Derry and Toms building at Kensington and High street. it is home for numerous plants, local and exotic, as well as ducks and flamingos. It counts with a restaurant with views to the flamingo pound and the gardens.
-NAG’S HEAD. Typical beer pub with history, frequented by locals and encouraged the visitors to don’t take pictures or use your phone at all. near Knightsbridge station.
-EVANS & PEEL DETECTIVE AGENCY. A lounge/pub with a secrecy theme, located near Earl’s Court station and whose website shows only the cocktails they offer. no photos. secrecy. very detective like.
-SECRET CINEMA (Tell No One). a secret event with a specific theme, from movies. you can buy a ticket online and you will only know the theme and location (around 59£, different location everytime) you and the event crew recreate the theme of the movie to make it feel real, you will totally submerge in the ambiance.

Hope you liked this post,
if you have any comments, questions or
suggestions, don’t hesitate in commenting
below or contact me.
Be wise!

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